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LIBOR: U.K. orders new investigation! Top three Japanese banks involved in international rate fixing! Bank governor admits banks are “deceitful”! More proof of Trilateral policies, & that the Too Big to Fails caused the economic mess!

July 23, 2012 – 08:07 am

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"Your working hypothesis should be that every bank in the industry did some version of this same thing. There will be more to come."-unnamed banking official in letter to British news media

02 July 2012, Marcus Agius, a chairman of evil British Empire’s Barclays has resigned.  Barclays recently settled with U.S. and U.K. regulators over the LIBOR scandal. The settlement was a pittance compared to the damage Barclays, and other banks caused.

The general public in Britain has been calling for Barclays boss, Bob Diamond, to resign as well.  Public officials are calling for criminal charges: "…when we’re setting up the National Crime Agency we should look at the record of the Serious Fraud Office. I suspect financial crime is easier to get away with in this country than practically any other sort of crime."-Ken Clarke, Justice Secretary of United Kingdom

Barclays "systematically" falsified data to set the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR.  Regulators from Switzerland and U.K., are investigating at least 20 banks, including the top three banks in Japan (for fraudulent Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate or TIBOR), banks in Canada, U.S. and European Union!  Elites from Japan, North America and Europe are members of the private organization Trilateral Commission.

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New York rejects MBS suits against Barclays, S&P  — Reuters
Barclays declined to comment. A representative said S&P was pleased with the decision. Solent could not immediately be reached for comment. The case is Oddo Asset Management v Barclays Bank, New York state Supreme Court, New York County, No.

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You'll find it on your bank statements and printed as the last group of computer-type figures at the bottom of your cheques. Your sort code is the.

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  • Avatar How to find out your debit card number or any kind of detail when you lose it.?
    Mar 30, 2011 by | Posted in Personal Finance

    Ok it is very complicated, basically I lost my card a few days ago and I was asked a few security questions (The obvious stuff) and they managed to disable it, now I'm having big problems getting a new one as I have not u … there is no info about anything of my debit card... The only thing I can remember is my PIN code and that is not exactly helpful, :L any help here??? By the way if it helps I'm with Barclays and the debit was a Visa.

    • Go to the bank branch. Tell them that you lost your card a few days back and you canceled it. Tell them that when you tried to order a new one, it wouldnt let you because of the address problem. You can up date your info right at the bank and they should be able to give you a temp until the new one gets mailed.

  • Avatar firefly3050 Barclays are saying my husband has an overdrawn account with them but he has never opened an account with them?
    Mar 23, 2010 by firefly3050 | Posted in Personal Finance

    My husband received a letter from Barclay's on Saturday saying that HIS account was "Still in excess" to the tune of £173 but he has never had an account with Barclay's (nor the Wollwich who were bought out by Barclay's) …unt? Whoever did open it would have had to supply a passport or photo driving license plus 2 utility bills which I believe are photocopied and kept on file, so surely this should be checked as soon as a query is raised.

    • Go to the bank with picture ID. Demand to see the original documents where he was have supposed to have signed up for this account. They should be able to produce those documents. If they can't ask to speak to the manager, then the police.

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