Kenya’s Cellulant to Power Barclays Bank digital services across Africa

July 4, 2012 – 01:46 am

A leading local but continentally operating mobile commerce services provider Cellulant has sealed a deal to provide digital services for Barclays Africa across its key markets in Africa, reports Blue Print PR.

The move is a first for the banking industry in Africa

Cellulant, who power mobile banking for more than 32 banks in Africa, operate Africa’s leading mobile commerce network with a growing turnover of more than Kshs 10Billion.

As part of its, ‘One Africa’ strategy, Barclays Africa has now teamed up with Cellulant to make its customer digital experience – mobile and internet banking as well as ATMs -more convenient for customers across its 12 African countries, by deploying a new aggregator platform.

Speaking when he confirmed the new partnership, Barclays Africa, Corporate Banking Managing Director, John Gachora, explained that the new deal will facilitate the banks strategic efforts to provide convenient consumer access platforms. The partnership will also allow the bank to innovate and develop new products and services for its customers across Africa.

The Barclays Africa boss was flanked by Cellulant’s Chief Business Officer Paul Ndichu, who explained that the new partnership will increase Barclays Africa customer’s activity on its E-channels allowing them to transact with a wide network of merchants across the Barclays Africa and Absa network.

Source: Nairobi

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011
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The planned moves would include transferring $6.3 billion in cash reserves, most of which Venezuela now keeps in banks such as the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, and Barclays Bank in London to unnamed Russian, Chinese, and Brazilian banks, one document said.

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    • Hamza i'm sorry to hear about your problem so here's some advise for you. the merchant can only refund money from where it came from, most people are under the misconseption like yourself that when an account is closed th …ne manager can change this by the click of a finger. BTW from when you ask for the money to be sent by cheque it can sometimes take a few weeks as this needs to be signed by the banks finance department. I hope this helps

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