Green I Signs are now accepting payments by Barclays Pingit

July 4, 2012 – 01:38 am

Green I Signs are now accepting payments by Barclays Pingit

How does Barclays Pingit work?

To send money:

If you have a UK current account, a UK mobile number and smartphone, and are aged 16 or over you can download the Barclays Pingit app.

  • If you have registered for Barclays Pingit with a Barclays current account, we will link your account with your mobile so that you can make payments from your Barclays current account using your mobile.
  • If you register with a current account you hold with another UK bank, we will set up a Barclays Pingit Wallet account and link this to your mobile so that you can send and receive money using the Wallet.

Once you register with your Barclays or non-Barclays account, you will be able to send and receive payments using your phone's contacts. We'll give you full instructions during the registration process.

Topping up your Wallet: You will need to have enough funds in your Barclays current account or Barclays Pingit Wallet to send money. You can top up the Barclays Pingit Wallet account by paying in cash at a Barclays branch, transferring money to it from your UK current account or by using any UK Barclays ATM.

Source: The Green I Signs Blog

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  • Avatar clarry Barclays Banker!! Can you do an International transfer online? Help!?
    Nov 10, 2011 by clarry | Posted in Personal Finance

    I have the account details, the iban and the swiftcode...It seems to be just like a normal transfer and doesn't ask for the Iban!?

    • I would advise you to contact their telephone banking number - the one you need should be on their telephone banking website - just search under barclays - contact us - then ask them if they can help you with your problem? thats what I would do anyway....hope this helps

  • Avatar Is this the message is guaranteed and reliable to pay the amount?
    Apr 07, 2011 by | Posted in Corporations

    Client ID: UK-8095708 Dear Hadi Ali Abubaker Arman, Thank you for choosing to pay Migration Expert for your Consultation by Telegraphic Transfer. Your Next Step BANK TRANSFER DETAILS BANK:Barclays Bank PLC BANK ADDRESS …to contact us through the support section of our website, or by calling any of our global offices. Our Client Care Centre is open 24 hours day from Sunday 11.00 PM UTC to Friday 9.00 PM UTC. Kind Regards Client Services

    • If you are planning on sending these people money to get you a visa to come to the UK then forget it as it is certainly a scam - they will steal your money and have access to your bank account and take everything you have got.